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We're Published! Check out Our First Book!

Christina M. Acosta's debut book, 'Recovery Culture,' is a candid exploration of the hidden secrets behind post-operative care in the plastic surgery industry. With humor and frankness, Acosta unveils the unspoken truths while offering readers valuable self-care tools and tips to ease pain, reduce swelling, and navigate the emotional challenges of recovery. Drawing on her 20 years as a massage therapist, Acosta exposes the lack of support provided to plastic surgery patients and challenges conventional practices in the field. 'Recovery Culture' is a beacon of hope, emphasizing the body's resilience and guiding readers towards personalized recovery strategies."


We have almost 15 years experience in Orthopedic Massage and Lymphatic Drainage in the recovery of: Liposuction | Lipo 360 |

J -Plasma | Ab Etching |  Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) | Tummy Tucks | Mommy Makeovers | Abdominal Reconstruction | C Section | Post Partum | Cancer Surgery | Jaw Surgery . Online booking is available and we're here to answer any questions you may have. 


We have experience with clients who are trying to get on top of the residual swelling and stiffness and other symptoms that are the result of Chemotherapy , Radiation , or Surgery to remove Cancerous tissue.  We have even worked with clients finding shortened range of motion in various parts of their body even years afterwards. We utilize lymphatic drainage, scar tissue release, as well as lymphatic vacuum therapy (a form of cupping). 

Fibrosis + Long Term Swelling

Sometimes we see clientele that perhaps have not had initial care after their procedures and still suffer from long term residual swelling as well as curious lumps and bumps, thickening and tightness of tissues. Even years after surgery, there CAN be residual swell, blockages in the flow of the lymphatic fluid, and inhibitions to the body to function normally. We love working with this and our tequniques have been known to help, even at the end of the first treatment.

Post Partum + C Section Recovery

Lymphatic Drainage has been known to be VERY helpful in the post baby swelling , stress and anxiety that can be addressed, exhaustion, and other symptoms associated with hormones rebalancing. If a new mom is recovering from a Cesarian section, the same techniques used in other forms of Post Operative Care have been known to greatly relieve pressure and pain as well as encourage a much sooner recovery. 

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"Everyone in this industry will say 'TRUST the process'...

We teach our clients that having FAITH in our body's natural ability to heal from unnatural trauma is part of a holistic approach to having the best recovery experience possible.


Our techniques are simple, gentle, and have been known to be effective in giving our clients relief from pain and reduce post surgical swelling."

-Christina Acosta 

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[I had surgery in] Miami, it was really hard to find anyone to do the type of massage I need for post op care. After researching I found Christina! She's super knowledgeable and if she isn't familiar with something she'll let you know up front. Very personable, my first massage I feel we connected right off the bat I could tell she is truly passionate about what she does and for her clients. When massaging she lets me know what she's doing and why she does it. Asks if there is certain areas where I'm not comfortable with her massaging etc. All in all she's worth every penny!"

Yasmeen D. |  Yelp Review

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Christina Acosta CMT

CAMTC #39170

headshot of the owner, Christina Acosta CMT #39170

Christina M Acosta CMT is an author, educator, coach, and massage therapist with nearly 20 years of experience. Most of her clientele include those recovering from orthopedic surgeries, pain and swelling management cases, c-sections and postpartum, third-degree burn scars, and her specialty, plastic surgery. Christina helps her clients and students realize the beauty and strength of their capable bodies to do what they do best  – recover from unnatural trauma. She believes positive outcomes are around every corner, especially when utilizing simple and practical holistic tools and techniques that are easily available, in conjunction with a strong initiative, positive attitude, and hope.


Christina loves Jesus and is a devoted wife, bonus mom, dog and cat mom, entrepreneur, and content creator. In her personal time, she enjoys cooking (like, a LOT!) church ministry, mentorship, and entertaining. She indulges in reading, writing, bible study, the homemaking arts, collects vintage housewares she has no room for, and has a particular obsession with house plants. Most of all, she enjoys reminding everyone she encounters that they are made for a purpose and greatly loved.

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Why Choose Us?

Education + Support

Post Op Clients come to us with consistently similar concerns and unanswered questions regarding unfamiliar symptoms they are experiencing. Many comment they received little to no directions for maximizing their post op journey from their surgical clinic.


On top of providing experienced care in the treatment room, we have spent years listening to past client's successes in recovery, and in turn we pass that knowledge to our current clients. We are prepared to coach clients with detailed recommended protocols for post op compression, diet, sleeping, hygiene, etc, all the while providing our personalized treatments.


Combining 15 years experience in Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Post Op Care, Orthopedic Massage, and Vacuum Cupping therapy, we have developed methods that have proven effective in helping clients feel relief from the resulting tenderness, swelling, and stiffness associated with plastic surgery.

Clients have commented they feel relief from the pain and discomfort during the various stages of swelling and scar tissue development and have been happy seeing their cosmetic surgery results improve in appearance and feel.

Compassion + Dignity

Although Plastic Surgery is considered elective, the recovery is just as intense as any other form of reconstructive surgery. Every patients' results and experience vary greatly from pleasant to causing trauma. This can be a scary and emotional experience and we honor our clients' needs for compassion, encouragement, and support.

Any and all forms of Surgical Recovery requires a multi-faceted approach. We start by caring for the individual before we address the symptoms. Clients have responded graciously over the years, and we are happy to be here to educate, treat, and support you as well.

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