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Vacuum Therapy

What is Vacuum Therapy?
Vacuum Therapy comes in various forms and various names including acucupping, cupping therapy, medicupping, etc. 

The basic intent is all the same: gentle lifting of the skin with repetitive pulses in various speeds, utilizing cups of varying sizes which is motor controlled. 
Vacuum Therapy can help with....
Vacuum therapy is the treatment we prefer for scar tissue release and to promote lymphatic drainage when we see long term inflammation that is 'stuck' in scar tissue, known as post surgical edema, fibrosis, seromas, and scar tissue raising or irregularities. Clients often complain of these things and they tend to show up around 3 weeks up to years after an operation. 

We also love using this treatment for sinus treatments, cellulite management and for the famous 'booty' enhancing treatment after a recovered BBL for promoting circulation to the area. This is our most versatile treatment. 
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