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Women's Specialty Needs

Post Partum
Postpartum Massage is a best kept secret that shouldn't be. It can be considered a special treat. However, this is a treatMENT. Postpartum massage has been known to help women settle back into their body from the trauma of birth, reduce inflammation, weight bearing stresses, hormonal regulation, improved quality of sleep and breast feeding. Make a massage treatment part of your recovery plan, or a gift to someone who is still preparing for their birth plan as a baby shower gift. 
C - Section
We can work with C section Mamas in two way: With C section recovery as soon as four days after birth, or C section scar management anytime after the scar has been healed (usually a month). Not only do the same benefits apply as listed above in postpartum massage, the focus also includes: reducing pressure on the incisions, assisting the lymphatic system to promote faster healing of the scar tissue, and later down the line, assisting in the release of the tension and visible discoloration on the scar itself. 
Mastectomy [lifestyle]
Mastectomy recovery needs are multilayered. We work a lot with clients who have fully recovered but are coping with regaining range of motion, stretching the scarred tissues, addressing lingering pain, numbness, or tingling. Often, these clients need more lifestyle support in managing swelling, bloat, stiffness, and other symptoms in which lymphatic drainage can be of great support. 
Part of the recovery process from bodily trauma and surgery is the noticeable swelling. Liposuction and Tummy Tucks are the top two most common forms of post surgical cases that we see. Clients often experience intense swelling that can be described as painful and tender, with
"The Change" often benefits from a shift in lifestyle choices if one is planning to cope with natural means. Lymphatic Drainage or a Therapeutic Massage are popular options (based on personal preference) for rest, relaxation, relieving stress and anxiety, depression, and regulating hormonal shifts, managing bloat and body aches, headaches, etc. There has been a noticeable increase in demand for women specific support in menopausal care in massage therapy in the last few years and we are proud to be part of this 'change' too.  
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