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Scar Tissue Release for
Radiation + Burn Recovery

Treating Fibrosis from Radiation
Radiation can cause intense fibrosis, a hard, inflexible tissue, in which the reparative matrix can run very deep. Lymphedema can also be present, and both can happen at the same time in different areas. Both deep friction massage, also know as scar tissue release, vacuum therapy, and lymphatic drainage have all interchangeably been know to help the physical appearance and feel of these conditions. These sessions are customized to the client.

Our previous clients include those who are actively receiving radiation as well as those who are years past their treatment and needing lifestyle care.

We ask clients to receive medial clearance from their doctor before pursuing treatment 
Massage Therapy for Third Degree Burns Scars
Recent research shows that massage therapy as part of burn rehabilitation has played a valuable role in helping reduce itching, pain, overproduction of scar tissue, manage depression and anxiety, as well as encourage range of motion, and improve the appearance of the scarring.

The threat of shearing, or tissue pulling away from healthy tissues, causing further damage is minimized with consistent scar tissue massage or vacuum therapy. We can work with various phases of this recovery or for long term care, as long as there is approval from a client's primary care physician. 
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