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Auto Immune Disorders
and Massage Therapy 

Lymphatic Drainage, mild therapeutic massage, and hot stone massage are all popular sessions that have been known to be soothing experiences for those suffering from various symptoms of most auto immune conditions where flare ups can occur. We can address the common symptoms of swelling, pain and tenderness, fatigue, digestive troubles, and swollen glands. 

Further, managing stress, anxiety through massage therapy has been known to be the most long term benefit to treating auto-immune diagnosed clients as a method of preventative care. 

Our Methods
Although traditional MLD training is a popular standard for massage therapists (CMT's)  and Certified Lymphedema Therapists (CLT's), it does not include training in scar tissue management or the specific needs of plastic surgery patients overall. 

What we do at Jungle + Grace Massage Studio is provide a customized experience that is less by the book and more by feel. Not only do we utilize not only Manual Lymphatic Drainage, but 15 years of hands on experience including other forms of soft tissue manipulation, orthopedic massage, myofascial release, scar tissue release, cupping, and vacuum therapy. We discovered many years ago that helping clients recovering from Plastic Surgery have presents unique needs that are not commonly addressed and sometimes non effective traditional lymphatic drainage training.


Not only are we recommended by surgeons and other services providers locally,  and as far as Miami and Mexico, but our unique methods are also sought out by massage therapists across the country for training and mentorship in the realm of post op care. 
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"Your Recovery is a co-laboring effort.
Let us take some of the burden off of you."

Christina Acosta | CMT #39170

Let’s Work Together

2775 Cottage way sts 22

Sacramento, CA 95825

Tel: 916.850.0859

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