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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage
Rest and Restore with Therapeutic Massage to manage aches, pains, and symptoms of anxiety, depression, or grief. Regular sessions have been known to increase flexibility, reduce pain and soreness, decrease symptoms of chronic stress, increase circulation, and induce an overall sense of wellbeing. This is considered an asset to your preventative care plan, and a true lifestyle choice. Sometimes we utilize other methods to address troubled areas from orthopedic massage to cupping. 
Hot Stone Massage
Our Host Stone Massage uses the Heat Wave Stones which are significantly larger and hold their heat longer than traditional hot stones. Palm sized hot stones are replaced by much larger, more uniquely shaped stones that are designed for deeper penetration and kneading ability. This is the ultimate session for relaxation, soothing achy muscles, soothing symptoms of stress and depression, increase circulation, promote deeper sleep, and help manage pain from autoimmune conditions. This is a blend of a hot stone treatment and a therapeutic hot stone massage, so best of both worlds!
Tropical Leaves
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