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Body Aesthetics

Colombian Wood Therapy | Bodysculpting
Colombian Wood therapy is a unique experience that isn't commonly known. It is a friction based therapy that is surprisingly mild, invigorating, and detoxifying. We can address areas that tend to hang on to waste materials: the waistline, thighs, back, arms, etc. We tend to see a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, smoothing of irregular tissue, tightening and lifting of the skin, exfoliating, and known to stimulate collagen production. Results vary client to client. If a client has too low of a BMI, it is not feasible to perform this session. Please be advised, this is not a weight loss treatment, but considered another form of lymphatic drainage with other benefits.
Cellulite Therapy 
In this session, we utilize glass cups attached to a motor that generate a controlled 'suck' and release pattern. In mild sweeping motions, connective tissue is stretched, reducing visible tension that gives cellulite its common appearance. Secondly, this session has a smoothing and detoxifying quality. Results visible as soon as session is over. Results are not guaranteed, all clients experience this differently. 
Booty Lift Treatment
This vacuum treatment uses static cupping, with large cups one on each cheek. This increases circulation to the area, temporary enlargement is often visible as soon as appointment is over. We like to perform this treatment on clients who are in their third month or after, after a Brazilian Butt Lift to bring circulation to the newly healed fat graft for optimal results. 
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