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Pre-Op Massage

In your pre-op phase, you'll likely cover with your surgeon various concerns like wound care, pain management, diet, etc. However, there is rarely a conversation about what pre-op self care should look like.

We offer a Pre-Op Massage Session in which we focus  on preparing the client's body for surgery as well as any stress or anxiety symptoms. 

Treatment includes a customized massage session in which it is both orthopedic, therapeutic, and detoxifying in nature. We want to ensure you are relaxed, feeling loosened up, and feeling ready for surgery day in efforts to have an easier, smoother, less painful recovery. 

Further, client and provider have an opportunity to get acquainted and address any initial concerns and discuss potential treatment needs. We offer all the tips and tricks we've picked up over the years and offer to
remain in contact with the client for moral support. We also offer other ways to prepare for your procedure: a pre-op workshop that is available monthly via zoom as well as consultations where we can discuss anything from diet to compression protocols, etc. Check out what we have available for you and let us know if we can do anything else to support your surgery journey. 
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