How to Start a Youtube Channel: My Favorite Tutorials 2019 |

How to Start a Youtube Channel: My Favorite Tutorials 2019

The Youtube Experiment

First of all, let me say that it took 6 months of research, trial, and error and eventually, confidence to produce what I considered a mildly decent (and seriously adorable) first video for a new YouTuber. I took all the time I felt I needed before I started. Eventually, I did the most recommended thing taught by the Youtube Community: To just START and know that those first videos are likely to suck!  You really only learn by doing, in this arena. But, you must let yourself feel ready to some degree first, and that’s what I did before I took the plunge and really committed.

My First Video

Before we go any further, here is my cringe-worthy, obnoxious, yet slightly ironically lovable (at least my husband thinks so) First Youtube Video: My First Video | 20 Questions | Get to Know Me. This video was filmed with the back camera of an iphone. These days with the technology we are in, there is no reason why using the better camera of whatever smartphone you have (assuming you have a smartphone) will be a great place to start. Upgrades come later, the point is to just START somewhere. As far as this video I used imovie. There are many other types of software out there. Ideally you want to export to 1080 P. You might have some quirks along the way, but best thing is EVERY question I had, I had it answered within the youtube community. For this video I learned what I needed to do differently for the next time I film and edit with what I have to work with. There will likely be things to be improved upon there as well. In the meantime, I am grateful I have a background in theatre, performance, directing from 1998-2014. That greatly impacted my instincts, as far as editing and presentation were concerned as I attempted to edit a video that was enjoyable for viewers. However, what helped me THE MOST was the Youtube Community in and of itself!

Top 10 Questions I asked in the Youtube Search Bar

Here are my top questions I had asked and my favorite individual videos that helped me answer them all from start to finish of my first video series.

  1. Book, Vlog Like a Boss by Amy Landino, Amy Tv   This is her Youtube Channel: Ok, so number 1 in this list isn’t a question, but this was my starting point. Spring 2018 I was researching videos on time management and overall “adulting” and I came across Amy Landino’s Youtube Channel. She inspired me SO MUCH that I got her audiobook, Vlog Like a Boss, and decided I was going to pursue my own youtube channel for my business/brand/overall fun/new hobby/door-opener-for-the-future, kind of thing. Here she explains EVERYTHING. HIGHLY recommend you go here FIRST.
  2. How to make a thumbnail using Picmonkey? I loved this video for making a thumbnail for your video. Picmonkey, Canva, and Tubebuddy are some favorites among the community.
  3. How to make an intro on Keynote I had discovered through a few different videos that I can fumble around and make my own intro on keynote because you can utilize transitional effects (Keynote is only on Mac, sorry to you PC Users out there). You can even do create graphics in the same way you use Picmonkey and Canva (websites). I used all three of these programs on top of iMovie for my videos.
  4. Background music for Youtube Videos This was my favorite provider. However, Searching for “music youtube free” will help you get royalty free music. Make sure you give credit to the artists if your source asks for it.
  5. How to Edit a Youtube Video Still, Amy Landino, I keep coming back to her. I especially like her suggestions for cutting out any breaths. Its made a huge impact on my editing. I use iMovie for now. I look forward to upgrading next year. I’ll be getting a Mac which these days come with Final Cut Pro (which is amazeballs, I cannot wait to get my hands on it with all of its capabilities)
  6. How do I make an end card? OR Endslate?  I loved this gal’s simple layout with simple yet modern and attractive background that was easy to mimic for someone who is new. I designed my BRANDING at the same time I was creating my intro and my end card.
  7. What do I put in my youtube description? This gal has GREAT advice PLUS, IN HER DESCRIPTION BOX has MORE helpful links. Most of these YouTubers do, of course, but this one stands out to me.
  8. How do I tag my videos? Here are two videos that I love equally and, like all of these YouTubers, I definitely recommend you subscribe to these channels as well:
  9. How do I make a watermark on Youtube? I really love Sunny Lenarduzzi’s Channel. She’s been a big help to my learning of the deeper stuff regarding the YouTube creator life. This video was super helpful when I needed to make my subscribe button/watermark
  10. When should I upload my videos on youtube? All videos from this channel are incredibly helpful as well.


Keep a consistency with your fonts an styles of Thumbnails. You want your thumbnail style to be recognizable. My favorite example is Rachel Steven’s Channel: Crack your Bible Her thumbnails are recognizable a mile away. Another consistency is what you name your audience. I named my audience “Savvy Cats and Kittens” with a greeting of “Shalom”. A hand gesture follows with the “peace sign” with both my hands, which also mimics cat whiskers. I find it slightly ridiculous, but I find it rather cute. Come up with a nickname for your audience! Jordan Page from calls her followers “Freebs” and Amy Landino (yes, I love Amy if you can’t tell) calls her people “Socials”….Even The Toe Bro on Youtube calls his followers “my toes”.

ANOTHER TIP: Make sure you have an external hard drive for all of your footage. I crashed my computer’s hard drive by the time I completed 3 videos, by forgetting the advice of my husband. Also, best to have a backup on some cloud as well for your important documents as well as your external hard drive.

I hope you enjoyed this and that it was helpful to you!

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“Be Faithful. Be Savvy. Be Shalom.”

See you next time!

<3 Christina

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