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CMT #39170

Massage Therapist | 20 years

Author | Coach

"I was a dancer and an actor prior to pursuing massage therapy as a career. I directed, produced, and always believed I would live in theatre and film, and maybe even comedy for the rest of my days. In 2006 I had a major injury that landed with me needing hip surgery. After the diagnosis of the surgery, I finished my senior year at Loyola Marymount University but also attended massage school in Manhattan Beach California, while inspired by my various appointments with specialists, looking at X-rays and MRI's.


I have been blessed to live a new life for the last 20 years as an MT and primarily working in Orthopedic Massage Therapy. Although I still love to work with general pain management and offer relaxation and therapeutic services, I specialize in post-operative lymphatic drainage and scar tissue management for plastic surgery, and other services.

The majority of my work includes educating clients as many come from a journey of research and recovery that often left them disillusioned about their recovery needs. I advocate for appropriate protocols for plastic surgery recovery that have been noticeably minimal, particularly in California.


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Don't forget to check out my first book!

If you have initial questions regarding my procedures and treatments, please check out my Q+A on the homepage or contact me through the contact page

God Bless,
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Romans 12:12

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"I went to Christina for the Lymphatic Drainage session. I was two weeks post-op jaw surgery

and wanted a treatment that would help with the swelling on my face as well as

treating my body for the stress it endured during surgery. Christina did an amazing job. I could see results immediately after the session. The swelling went down in my face and I had more movement in my lips and mouth area. Christina's studio is so cute and gives off very calming vibes.

She is so sweet and has such a charismatic personality. I admire her energy."

L.L.  |  Yelp Review

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