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"I was a dancer and an actor prior to pursuing massage therapy as a career. I directed, produced, and always believed I would live in theatre and film, and maybe even comedy for the rest of my days. In 2006 I had a major injury that landed with me needing hip surgery. After the diagnosis of the surgery, I finished my senior year at Loyola Marymount University but also attended massage school in Manhattan Beach California, while inspired through my various appointments with specialists, looking at X-rays and MRI's. Since then, I spent the last 15 years as an MT and primarily working in Orthopedic Massage Therapy. Due to unforeseen events, I had ended up prioritizing post operative cases for plastic surgery, as there was a huge need in Northern California and very few therapist realizing this, plus oncology and lymphedema, was an unserved demographic.

The majority of my work time includes educating clients as many come from a journey of research and recovery that often left them disillusioned about their recovery needs.


I am passionate and aggressive about recognizing and exposing Post Operative Abuse and illegal practices in the Plastic Surgery Sphere, as far as recovery is concerned.

I am constantly in discussions with a variety of people advocating for appropriate protocols for Surgery Recovery that just currently do not exist, especially in California (particularly elective surgery). I am excited and honored to be in the beginning stages of founding the NorCal Post Op Network with a few colleagues in the surrounding area.

If you have initial questions, please check out my Q+A on the homepage first. There is also a Resource page so you can connect with those professionals and other education and links you can access. If you have any questions about my services or would like a consultation feel free to book online or email me at

Don't forget to connect with me on social media.


God Bless."

Christina Acosta CMT #39170

Sacramento Based Massage Therapist
Lymphatic Drainage Specialist

for Plastic Surgery

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"I went to Christina for the Lymphatic Drainage session. I was two weeks post-op jaw surgery

and wanted a treatment that would help with the swelling on my face as well as

treating my body for the stress it endured during surgery. Christina did an amazing job. I could see results immediately after the session. The swelling went down in my face and I had more movement in my lips and mouth area. Christina's studio is so cute and gives off very calming vibes.

She is so sweet and has such a charismatic personality. I admire her energy."

L.L.  |  Yelp Review

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