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Plastic Surgery and New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

New Year's Resolutions can be both fun and depressing, stressful, and hopeful, exciting, yet something to procrastinate. Everyone responds to the concept differently. Some keep them simple, some complicate them with an overhaul on their life. I would know, I am usually the latter.

January usually marks the beginning of plastic surgery season. The "New Year, New You" promotions for gyms, cosmetic companies, and the rest of wellness, health, and beauty industries are definitely on board.

Lately, the economy has been suffering, which may explain why I have been seeing more promotions in the industry. Considering that I am sure I am not the only one who is still coping with holiday season bloat and guilt, it would be reasonable why plastic surgery may be now on the minds to a lot of those who've briefly if not intensely already considered it.

Annually, this is the perfect time for plastic surgeons, clinics, and surgical coordinators to encourage and convince someone to focus on themselves and book a plastic surgery appointment as this season changes and represents newness and self care. In fact, this is when I have seen more impulsive decision making on the matter.

Here are some considerations for those who may now begin to consider the plastic surgery route at any time. However, there is the possibility that during the New Year's season, whether it is liposuction, tummy tuck, or a Brazilian butt lift, etc you may come across this one red flag:

That it is all kittens and rainbows when you can finally take care of YOU and get the new year, new you body you always dreamed of. Recovery sucks. ANY time you go under the knife, it is never what you expect.

The number one thing I often discuss on social media is the fact that projected recovery times are often unclearly discussed, disclosed, and downplayed. If a surgeon or coordinator is trying to lure you in with quick decision making. I recently had a client who experienced immense pressure from a local plastic surgery coordinator to come in 'tomorrow' to have her liposuction. They offered her $1,000 off her bill if she committed to the date. She stood firm in her decision to wait for a better time for her, regardless of the offer.

I say this to say the following: regardless of the season, time in your life, or cost, ask yourself if your decision is impulsive. Ask yourself if you have had enough time to research the cost of what the experience could be like. Ask yourself if this is the right surgeon, not just the right price.


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