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Pre-Op + Consults

We offer Pre-op and Post-Op Consultations as well as Workshops
to prepare you for your Recovery Phase of your Surgery Journey.

These are virtual through zoom because not only do we see a lot of local clientele,  but we are referred in and out of state and even out of country at times. We hear so many of the same concerns from those who just cannot trust the inconsistent or minimal information they receive from sometimes, their surgical team, the internet, or other post op providers. 
The Group Zoom Workshops that we host regularly covering all main categories of concern: Time, Swelling, Diet, Consumables, Topicals, Tools, Standard Wound Care, Care provider Scope of Practice, Compression, Massage, Sitting, Sleeping, Swelling + Compression, and the emotional and mental health support that is often lacking.

The Pre-Op and Post-Op Consultations are special because this is a space and time just for you and your concerns alone that we can address, regardless of the topic. This is a wholistic approach where we help with the detailed research you might be stuck in, referrals and resources, covering any topic you want to cover, and we offer emotional support because this is a journey often one takes alone and it may feel like the only people who understand are the one's you can't see their face or hear their voice in the forums or on facebook. We want to offer you more and help fill the gaps and keep lifting you up.  
If you’re lost on your journey and are unsure how to manage swelling, scar tissue, compression, and other frustrations, consider allowing to help you by joining an upcoming class or booking any consultation session.

Tropical Leaves


"Christina is amazing! She's so gentle yet effective. I went to her after my BBL procedure for a lymphatic drainage massage and was blown away. Not only did I feel so much better after the massage, but her technique was so different. She was so educated on the massage and my surgery in whole. I was so scared of finding the right person to do my massages once I got home. So glad I came to her! I actually saw and felt the difference after my massage! Not to mention she's also an AMAZING person!"


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