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"The various cases that we've seen over the years are sometimes so unique that we cannot just put them into a box. They are as unique as the individuals themselves. If you do not see a treatment that aligns with with your direct needs, please reach out to us so we can have a conversation to see how we can accommodate you." 

--Christina Acosta CMT #39170

Lymphatics + Post Op 

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
Lipo | BBL | Tummy Tuck

Vacuum Therapy
Scar Tissue Release + Residual Swelling

Pre-Op Massage

For those recovering within the first month Post Op. In this session we will address swelling, tenderness, and stiffness with a mild and gentle 'hands only' technique known as ' MLD ', or Manual Lymphatic Drainage. 


It is alright to begin no sooner than 4 days post op, and never too late to have your first session. 

Vacuum Therapy is a gentle cupping therapy intended to reduce the tension on the connective tissue and scar tissue, and continue to help reduce inflammation in the area, and promote smoothing of raised scars. We can also address fibrosis or seroma concerns in this treatment. 


Recommended after 4 weeks Post Op or even up to years later. 

Pre-Op Massage is an opportunity to prepare your body for surgery by stimulating the lymphatic system to clear out static debris and naturally detox quicker, loosen tissues for an easier recovery experience, boost immunity, and calm down pre-surgery jitters. This is also an opportunity to meet your post op care provider to discuss your recovery plan. 

Care for Women's Specialty Needs 
Post Partum | C Section | Hysterectomy

Scar Release
Radiation | Burn Recovery

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
Detox | Autoimmune


Caring for Women who are recovering from giving birth, having a C Section, or who've had trouble with their body after a Hysterectomy or Masectomy is a labor of love for us. These are some very ignored cases that are known to greatly benefit from Lymphatic Drainage and Integrated Massage Therapy. We recommend booking a Lymphatic Drainage for Post Op Session for your first visit. 

Scar Release is performed with hand techniques or with vacuum therapy depending on a case by case basis of one's needs. We have seen countless cases of fibrosis caused by radiation treatments as well as those looking for regular care in maintaining flexibility, look, and pliability of healed burns scars and fibrosis. These sessions are also known to help with depression, and anxiety as well.

MLD is gentle, skin stretching technique known to enhance the  activity of the lymphatic system, promote blood flow, enhance digestive function, and relaxation.

This is a popular 'detox' treatment as well as dramatically functional for those who cannot handle a firm touch, and addressing regularly occurring inflammation from autoimmune conditions, and menopause, for example.

Lymphatic Drainage
Face | Head | Jaw | Sinus

This is a session where we can address such things as headaches, migraines, reconstructive surgery, TMJ, dental or jaw procedures, liposuction of the chin or cheeks, hair transplants, fibroblast treatments, radiation or even just simple sinus congestion. We utilize hand techniques and vacuum therapy depending on the client's needs at time of appointment. 

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage
Stress + Anxiety Management

Hot Stone Massage

Rest and Restore with Therapeutic Massage to manage aches, pains, and symptoms of anxiety, depression, or grief. Regular sessions have been known to increase flexibility, reduce pain and soreness, decrease symptoms of chronic stress, increase circulation, and induce an overall sense of wellbeing. 

If you enjoy an iconic hot stone massage, you will fall in love with our Heat Wave Massage session! This is the ultimate session for relaxation, soothing achy muscles, soothing symptoms of stress and depression, increase circulation, promote deeper sleep, and help manage pain from autoimmune conditions.

Body Aesthetics

Colombian Wood Therapy

Cellulite Treatment
Vacuum Therapy

Booty Lift Treatment
Vacuum Therapy

This is a massage with wood tools in a friction massage session that has been known to help lessen the appearance of cellulite, lines, dimples, and wrinkles. Detoxifying and satisfying, clients often notice a body 'shaping' result. This session is safe for Post Op no sooner than 3 months. 

Vacuum therapy for cellulite reduction of thighs and booty. This is a painless and non invasive treatment intended to loosen bands of connective tissue that give cellulite its common appearance, encourage lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Encourages smoothing of skin, higher elasticity and collagen production. 

Stationary Vacuum Therapy to temporarily increase Cheek Size and encourage more ample circulation  to the booty. Can be performed after 3rd month recovery of a Brazilian Butt Lift for rejuvenation of blood flow to the area and lessening the tension of any newly formed scar tissue. 

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