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Jungle + Grace

The Story 

I am often asked, "Where did the name come from?"  When first reading the words "Jungle + Grace" Massage Studio sounds like there is a story. But it is bigger than a story but is more like a journey of long-suffering and perseverance. I have a memoir I am currently writing about my story. Although I like to give a short simple answer to my clients, the real answer to that question is a complicated one. To put it simply, the name came to me on my honeymoon in 2017. If you would like to hear the story for yourself, I offer you this video I did to share the story on my Recovery Culture YouTube Channel:


Before  Jungle + Grace Massage Studio, my practice was called "Urban Kneads". I began with that name because I was a big girl in the not-so-big city and wanted something catchy, modern, hip, and avoidant of what traditional massage was. Truly, it was to my disadvantage that my business was often mistaken for a bakery. I had four different colors of hair, piercings on my face, and a fresh arm sleeve tattoo. This was the time that I was following the path of dark and esoteric practices that lead many massage therapists down the road of witchcraft whether they know, care, or neither.  For the first time in my life, I was rebellious against what was normal for me. I liked it, felt confident, and was ready to take on this challenge of growing my own practice from nothing in 30 days. I was learning how to operate a business from the ground up. I was still a practicing witch, but I was already seeking out God and He met me where I was. It was during this time that I asked Him to come and correct the course of my life. 


It was not until the moment that I had a minute to myself to randomly google my name (I do not know what made me do that, all I can think of is that it was the Holy Spirit motivated to get my attention one afternoon over Chinese food in the middle of downtown.) I sat down, pulled out my smart phone and began to google my name to see what comes up. The first thing that came up was this article: . 

For some crazy reason I was mentioned in this article after only being in business for six months. Well, I don't want to ruin it for you, there's a deeper story behind this and it was at this moment of reading it that I realized God was real. He cared for me. He heard me in my time of need months prior, and I had a very big decision to make. I'll let you watch the testimony in this video.

Before you watch it, let me mention that when I edited this video I was new to YouTube. My intro completely sucks, and so does the sound quality, so I apologize ahead of time. This is that story of building a practice in 30 days as part of my testimony series of walking away from witchcraft and new agism and walking and beginning my walk as a Christian.

Around this time, I met my now husband. We began dating in 2013 and he helped me amp up my business. We married in 2015. In 2016 I rejected witchcraft and new agism and began to live my life following Jesus. I got baptized that summer. Although still struggling with my faith and walking through some hard times, we had our big wedding in January 2017. By 2017 I rebranded after our honeymoon that summer to Jungle + Grace Massage studio. 


Urban Kneads was a business devoted to being different. Outside the norm. Away from Bamboo, rolled towels, and hot stones, but walking towards modern ways of giving clients relief from everyday pain. It was about the "urbanite's" need to be able to live hard, play hard, and recover well. However, when I continued to struggle and grapple in my marriage and in my budding relationship with Jesus, I really struggled to feel that the brand could keep up with me. Now, to my gratitude, when we went on our honeymoon, I was inspired by the symbiotic relationship of everything I saw that grew and thrived within its isolated ecosystem of Maui. But this question came to mind that I really chewed on: "What is the paradoxical difference between being in an environment that continues to grow and produce all the things you need to survive and thrive with the understanding that the jungle can also chew you up and spit you out alive or dead?" 

I really thought about this for a while. That is when I came to the realization that the Jungle represents the ways of the world. Some things are cool and other things are detrimental. The grace of God upon salvation in Jesus Christ, the meaning of the cross, or rather, the sacrifice of Jesus and his resurrection creates a separation within us that we are no longer part of this world but adopted into the kingdom of God [Galatians 2:30 | John 15: 18-20]. This is my Jungle + Grace has a hidden cross in the middle (I discovered this years later, by chance. I originally just liked the way the plus sign looked, but then only last year did I noticed that it is appropriately represented as a cross. I have accepted that it was not an accident as there are no mistakes with God, in the end.)


Truly, we always have two choices to make: for or against something. The grey areas where you don't know if things are up or down. But one thing is for sure, there is always hope when you are walking through the jungle, wilderness, desert, or whatever those seasons look like in your life. Whether they are personal circumstances, sickness, pain, etc. There is always hope. [Phil 4:6 | Romans 12:12]. The black is the long suffering that requires assistance from another in fellowship or in services. The white represents the hope, faith, and love of God. 

Within my practice at Jungle + Grace, I do not cater to specifically a Christian demographic. But I conduct my business with those principals. But more than anything, I just want to give people hope. Whether they come in to see me for a massage to cope with anxiety, pain, or grief. Whether they are recovering from reconstructive or plastic surgery. Or even just for the joy of touch. 


Jungle + Grace as a brand is a workplace ministry. I care for people and fellowship with them on their journey. I also fellowship with other business owners to support our community. I am not here to care for the well, but for the sick and broken, as Jesus did. I am grateful, blessed, and am still discovering what workplace ministry really is and what it looks like. Maybe another time I'll come back and share what I have learned in this process. Some other time in the future. Maybe a blog, who knows. 

I'll leave you with this: I have seen the work of God in this business. I have seen the Holy Spirit move when caring for certain clients and giving them just the right wise things to say that flew out of my mouth before I could think them, that were just for them. I have seen people on their own come to receive salvation in faith in Jesus Christ in this business. I have been a witness to so much here. So even on my hard days, I am grateful, because this massage practice is dedicated to the Lord of all things. The one true living God, our Father in Heaven. It is isn't even mine, and does not belong to me. I just operate it. But he keeps the doors open for me to survive and thrive aways from the old jungle as I walk into grace every day, all the while, keeping the doors open to bless others as they come in and out. [Deut 28:6]

I forgot to mention this: My husband, Dustin, has a huge part in this practice as well. He is my support when my backbone isn't strong enough. When I need to bounce ideas off of him, he is there. Further, every morning, my world place ministry starts in my home when I kiss him goodbye. We always say to each other "Be blessed, now go bless others." 

Thanks for sticking around with this page, which was very special to put together for you. Thank you for connecting with me on Social Media and if you have any questions about my services are anything else, I am here for you. 

"Be Joyful in Hope

Patient in Affliction

and Faithful in Prayer."

Romans 12:12

Contact + Location


2775 Cottage Way Ste 22

Sacramento, CA 95825


Opening Hours


9am - 2:30 pm

Tues + Wed

10:00 am - 7:00 pm


9:00 am - 2:30 pm


9:00 am - 1:30 pm

Seasonal hours, evening appointments, and early morning appointments are variable and by special request only

Weekends are researved for lectures, classes, special training, and interviews. 

By Appointment ONLY | No Walk In's | 24 Hour Rescheduling Policy | No Minors

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