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Policies + Procedures

All policies are listed on this page, Instagram Story Highlights labled "Policies", Our booking site where you make your appointment, and in ALL CONFIRMATION EMAILS

BOOKING: Online booking is required for first-time appointments. Clients are welcome to have us book appointments over the phone or through text and DM on Instagram.

NO WALK-INS: We do not cater to walk-in appointments or same-day requests.

24-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY:  Clients can avoid paying 100% of their session fees if they reschedule their appointment before the appointment. This is a FIRM policy. Failure to do so requires full payment of the session to be remitted before a client can make another appointment in the future. If a client is using a gift certificate, they lose the credit from that gift certificate for canceling 24 hours. 

EMERGENCIES: If you cannot make your appointment due to an HONEST Family or Medical Emergency, please contact us. 

LATE POLICY: If a client is over 15 minutes late, the appointment is considered a last-minute cancellation, and full session fees are required before the client can make another appointment. 


NO CALL | NO SHOW: Client responsible for full session fee. Over 15 min late, appointment is forfeited and full session fees are required before we can see the client in the future. 

SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS END ON TIME: Out of Respect for our schedule and other clients, all appointments end on time. To avoid losing your appointment time, give yourself ample time to park and get settled so we may start your session on time.  

PAYMENT: Online booking requires payment. In house payments are due at time of service. Prices are Non-Negotiable. No discounts. All sales are final. We take Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express ONLY.​

NO ​REFUNDS: There are no refunds on services, packages, gift certificates, classes, consulting, or products. This is a FIRM POLICY.

PRE-PAID APPOINTMENTS | PACKAGES | GIFT CERTIFICATES: Packages and Gift Certificates are non transferable, Non refundable. Subject to forfeit for no shows or last minute cancellations. Terms subject to change.

COMMUNICATION: If a client is uncomfortable for ANY reason it is their full responsibility to communicate with the service provider.

DECORUM: If a client is abrasive, rude, or difficult in any way, they will no longer be a client and not be allowed to book future appointments. 

SEXUAL HARASSMENT: ZERO TOLERANCE regarding sexual remarks, comments, or behavior.  Session will end immediately. Session fees are required to be paid.  Client will no longer be welcome for future bookings. If harassment ensues, police will be notified.

​HEALTH INTAKE FORM(S): Clients must fill out a health intake form ONLINE prior to initial treatment. 

IDENTIFICATION: If a client does not provide their LEGAL NAME as shown on their Driver’s License or ID, or indicate their correct BIOLOGICAL SEX of the client in full accuracy on the intake form, treatment cannot WILL NOT be provided. 

MINORS: (1) We are happy to treat minors so as long as the parent is in the treatment room during the duration of the treatment. (2) Minors that do not have an appointment are not allowed in the studio for safety and liability reasons. We ask clients to have reliable child care. If a client shows up for their appointment unexpectedly with their child in tow, we will be considered the equivalent of a last minute cancellation as the session will have to be rescheduled AND required to be paid in full. Please refer to the No Refund Policy. 

NO UNNECESSARY VISITORS:  If a client requires a companion or aid for additional help with medical equipment, movement, or dressing and undressing assistance, they must remain either in the treatment room at the time of service, or must leave during the session altogether.

LOST AND FOUND: We hold no responsibility at any time for lost or damaged items.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Sickness, Infections, Bleeding, fungus, Limited Hygiene, Cuts, Open Wounds, Broken bones, Burns, Some Skin Conditions, Fever, Blood Clots, Kidney or Liver Conditions, Cancer, Uncontrolled Hypertension, 1st Trimester pregnancy.

MASSAGE THERAPY: Most forms of professional massage therapy have been known to be therapeutic, relaxing, reduce muscle tension, and encourage natural circulation, it is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, and treatment.

SCOPE OF PRACTICE (1): Massage Therapists do not remove stitches, drains, “sculpt”, or work with body fluids, adjust bony structures, or diagnose conditions. Not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, and treatment.

SCOPE OF PRACTICE (2) : Sometimes we have clients who insist we perform ‘lymphatic drainage' or rather, "incisional lymphatic drainage" the way they received them in [Miami] or other such popular cities. We observe ONLY ethical and proper MLD practices approved by the NCTBMB and the CAMTC.

Thank you for your patronage and understanding. We are always evolving and growing and looking for ways in which we can be a better business and serve you with integrity. If you have suggestions, questions, or concerns, please contact us at:

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