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Jungle + Grace Massage Studio

Welcome to Jungle + Grace Massage Studio, where we stand out as Sacramento’s exclusive haven for surgery recovery and transformative wellness through lymphatic drainage, scar tissue release, and advanced massage therapy techniques for pain management.


Lymphatics + Post-Op

Massage Therapy

Women's Wellness


Lymphatic Drainage

for Post Op

Liposuction | Tummy Tuck 

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery



Soreness | Tenderness

Stress | Anxiety | Grief


Women's Specialty Treatment

Upper Body

Bra Roll + Love Handle Detox

Choose this option if you are

4 days up to 6 months Post Op.

This session addresses swelling, pain, tenderness, “hardness”, tissue irregularities, etc. Most clients experience a noticeable difference after the first session.

Choose this option if you are a human being with real-life responsibilities that leave you feeling like you need extra care and relaxation to get through it all.

Choose this option if you are feeling heavy, thick, and inflexible in your upper body and want to detox and experience natural waist

and bra roll slimming. 

Gentle and Effective.

$150 | 1 hr

$125 | 1 hr

$150 | 1 hr

$165 | 1.5 hr

$225 | 2 hr


Women's Specialty Treatment

Lower Body

Thickened Cellulite + Obesity Pain



Deep Tissue | Trigger Point


Scar Tissue Release

Liposuction | Tummy Tuck |

 Old Trauma | Third Degree Burns

C-Section | Mastectomy | Hysterectomy

Choose this option if you are feeling heavy, thick, and inflexible in your Bum, Thighs, Knees, or Lower Legs and Ankles often caused by Hormonal Cellulite and Weight Gain. Let us help you get more mobile and feeling better.

Choose this option if you have muscular pain, tenderness, or mobility issues that you would like to correct through advanced massage techniques. This session utilizes various techniques and is customized to your particular needs.

Choose this option if you have thickened or tight scar that is causing you to feel inhibited in your regular bodily movements, causing pain, discomfort, or bodily imbalances.

Must have no visible scabs or older 

$150 | 1 hr

$125 | 1 hr

$150 | 1 hr

$165 | 1.5 hr

$225 | 2 hr


Lymphatic Drainage + Scar Tissue Release

Face Lift | Chin Lipo | Jaw Surgery

Pre-Op Massage

Plastic Surgery | Orthopedic Surgery

Belly + Diagrammatic Release

Digestive + Bowel Function

Breathing Ease | Grief | Anxiety 

Choose this option if you are within

4 days of your recovery up to years

after your procedure for

swelling, tissue irregularities,

and release firm scar tissue.

Most clients experience a noticeable difference after the first session.

Choose this option if you would like to prepare your body for surgery by reducing stress, releasing tension on areas to be operated on, and preparing the lymphatic system for increased function during your recovery journey. Most clients notice a significantly easier recovery with less swelling and pain.

Choose this option if you feel as though you are "stuck" in your gut, emotions, and breathing patterns. Clients often notice feeling "fight or flight" responses decrease, flexibility in the midsection, easier movement in the digestive tract, and decreased belly bloat.

This session aslo includes massage  of the

 back, chest, shoulders, etc for a holistic and complete experience.

$125 | 30 min

$150 | 1 hr

$125 | 30 min+


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Detox | Autoimmune



Vacuum Therapy +

Colombian Wood Therapy

Face + Sinus

Lymphatic Drainage

Choose this option if you are experiencing inflammation and want to release sinus pressure. Session addresses your face, head, neck, upper chest, and sinuses. If you are feeling puffy, swollen, and compromised from allergies, this session is for you.

Choose this option if you are looking to boost your immune system, gain a sense of calm, boost natural lymphatic function, drop belly bloat, release pressure in the sinuses, and want to feel a release on a deeper level. Addresses full body, belly, and face.

Choose this option if you have visual cellulite that you want to address in gentle, yet effective techniques that are non-invasive, detoxifying, and rejuvenating to the skin and promote the lymphatic system. We use sometimes one, two, or more techniques depending on skin texture. Results vary person to person.

$100 | 30 min

$125 | 1 hr

$125 | 30 min


New Mama's Massage

Postpartum | C-Section

Choose this option if you are a new mama, and are looking for lymphatic drainage for swelling reduction, emotional management, and rest.

And of course, Congratulations whether this is baby number 1 or your a new mama all over again!

$125 | 1 hr

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RECOVERY CULTURE: Juicy Secrets and Strategies for Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, and Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

If you are preparing for Plastic Surgery and need advice and strategy for planning, interviewing your surgeon, and navigating recovery on your own terms, this book is for you! Learn the best tricks and tips for managing swelling, pain, stiffness, and finding yourself again and caring for the new year after Plastic Surgery.


Ebook | Softcover | Hardcover

Check Out Our Newest Book on 
Post Op and Self Care for Your
Plastic Surgery Recovery

Christina M. Acosta's debut book, 'Recovery Culture,' is a candid exploration of the hidden secrets behind post-operative care in the plastic surgery industry. With humor and frankness, Acosta unveils the unspoken truths while offering readers valuable self-care tools and tips to ease pain, reduce swelling, and navigate the emotional challenges of recovery. Drawing on her 20 years as a massage therapist, Acosta exposes the lack of support provided to plastic surgery patients and challenges conventional practices in the field. 'Recovery Culture' is a beacon of hope, emphasizing the body's resilience and guiding readers towards personalized recovery strategies.


Ashley M.

"Christina is so sweet and very passionate about what she does. When first getting to know each other and what my needs were I felt her empathy through her presence and in how she educated me about my concerns. I left with relief, optimism and lots of knowledge - I look forward to more sessions to heal my body through and through!"

Google | 2023

Jake W.

Went to Jungle and Grace in Sacramento as I had extreme muscle tension in my back. Met with Christina and she made me feel very comfortable. Her massage therapist skills were incredible and the environment was awesome. Very relaxing, and I left feeling amazing! Thank you!

Google | 2023

Vanessa A.

Received my 1st Massage from Christina and I absolutely loved it! The atmosphere is so cute, cozy and relaxing! Her massage table is one of the most comfortable I've ever been on. She addressed all my areas of concern and I love that she asked before ending the session if there was anything else I wanted covered. Great experience and I will be back for more!

Yelp | 2023

Contact + Location


2775 Cottage Way Ste 22

Sacramento, CA 95825


Opening Hours


9am - 2:30 pm

Tues + Wed

10:00 am - 7:00 pm


9:00 am - 2:30 pm


9:00 am - 1:30 pm

Seasonal hours, evening appointments, and early morning appointments are variable and by special request only

Weekends are researved for lectures, classes, special training, and interviews. 

By Appointment ONLY | No Walk In's | 24 Hour Rescheduling Policy | No Minors

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